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Bulgarian RoseHydrolat 100ml 


  • Natural cosmetic lotion, can be used for spraying, wet compress, modulating clay mask, and spraying all over the body.
  • Place it next to the computer desk and spray it on the whole face with closed eyes, which is very suitable for the 3C group.
  • Spray on the body, face, neck, chest, a calming atmosphere of a balanced mind and body.
  • You can pour it into a basin and mix with warm water for a bath.
  • Sprinkle in the air and walk through this pure dew rain, let yourself be surrounded by roses.
  • Space spray is especially suitable for spaces, people and things that burst out of emotion or are overly excited.
  • Use it in conjunction with essential oils, and especially recommend Yungong oil full of Damascus rose essence.


Soothing +Activate solution Massage oil 30ml


Balanced, harmonious and feminine private depths, calm the discomfort in adversity,

At the same time, it stimulates the skin to exudate whitening radiance, whitening and retaining water.


  • Can be used in the morning and evening, apply to the skin, apply to the lower abdomen, groin, back waist, buttocks. It can also be used on facial skin, upper abdomen skin, breast skin, or any place where you want to improve dullness. It can be used as a face Body care massage oil, pre-makeup care essential oil. 


The Sun Wellness Oil 10ml


Sun Pure Essence is formulated to strengthen the skin of the abdomen. The selected fragrance oils bring a warm and warm smell.
It gives the skin a sense of support, and also makes people more courageous and confident.
With citrus essential oils, Roman chamomile, bitter orange leaves with flowers and other gentle and sweet scents, people can put down depression and depression.
Relieve skin pressure, no longer tolerate grievances. When the mood is overcast and rainy,
Let the scent of pure pure essence of the sun take away the obstructive mood, and let the gentle sunshine shine on life again.


Firming +Accelerate solution Massage oil 50ml

Sweep away the silt on the body, full of yang, enhance self-confidence, and restore the smooth and smooth lines of the skin
Find your ideal body, put aside the heavy and dull feeling, warm and firm your skin, showing charming curves.


  • It can be used in the morning and evening. Take an appropriate amount and apply it on the legs. Massage from the bottom up to the roots of the thighs. It is also better to apply to the soles of the feet. It can be used with a scraping board.
  • Apply to skin that wants to be tight and beautiful, such as limbs, abdomen, lower back, buttocks,
  • It can also be applied to areas of deficient cold, and it is also suitable for use after exercise.
  • The menstrual period also applies.


Black Bee Honey & Alpine Rose Magical Bio-Cellulose Mask 4 sheets per pack


Innovative technological ingredients developed by the Xingmao team─
Alpine Mountain Miracle Triple Elite® A.M.T.S.®
Deeply moisturize the skin, bring superior repairing power,
Let you be stunned by the purity of your skin, a new look,
Even if you stay up all night, your skin is still bright and vibrant when you wake up the next day!

One slice a week, let you bloom with natural beauty,
One month later, it was like going through a luxurious and professional top beauty SPA treatment.
The girl's age of perfect and beautiful skin.


  1. Remove the mask after cleansing the face, and remove the mesh protective layer first.​
  2. Cover the face with the bio-fiber mask, adjust it to fit the face, and finally remove the outermost mesh protective layer.​
  3. After applying on the face for 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and pat the face lightly to increase the absorption of the essence. After absorption, you can apply lotion, essence oil and other skin care products.​
  4. The excess essence in the aluminum bag can be poured out and applied to the neck, hands and other skins for maintenance.


Tranquil moon honey essential oil handmade soap


The shape is simple and pure, like a perfect moon,
Exudes a refreshing and soothing aroma of essential oils.
The raw materials are imported from Germany natural source essential oils,
Erwachen’s special formula,Sweet aroma honey,
Can help moisturize and repair the skin